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Phaner is a leading manufacturer and distributor of soft cakes, biscuits, chocolates, crackers and its trade marketed “Phaner Pie”, a marshmallow filled bun with a chocolate coating. As a leader in the Vietnamese snack food industry, Pham Nguyen Foods takes it place within the top of Southeast Asia’s leading snack food manufacturers.

Choco P & N

Chocolate coated pie Choco P&N is turning 16 year old, a true friend of Kids

Delicious cake filled with marshmallow covered in luscious chocolate.

Choco P&N, Chocolate Pie with mashmallow inside is soft and sweet offer many delicious varieties in every bite. Each soft chocolate coated pie with creamy marshmallow will lead you to a tasty and imaginative world.



 Available in 2 product ranges.

Pie with strawberry marshmallow

cream coated with chocolate


16 g. per piece

A pack contains 12 pieces    

Pie with marshmallow

cream coated with chocolate


16 g. per piece A pack contains 12 pieces


Enjoy the taste of Choco P & N at any time of the day!

Two- bite chocolate covered cakes with a creamy marshmallow favorite filling, to suit the Chocolate and mashmallow lover.  Enjoy the chocolate pie for tea time or moments of relaxation. Delicious SoSof including soft marshmallow inside! 





Available 2 Pack size of SoSof Cho pie for your choice.

Pack 6 pieces

Pack 12 pieces


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