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Markenburg is one of the leading Filipino marshmallows manufacturers under Marshies brand. Markenburg committed itself to expanding its product line based on the market requirements and decided to provide the local industry with the quality products the international market is enjoying.

             For Marshies marshmallows, flavors and colors are carefully selected and created to satisfy the discriminating taste of the consumers. Its stable from, vibrant colors, smooth texture, and right sweetness complement the good offered by large-scale food manufactures or homemade goodies.

1. Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows (Markenburg Brand)

Marshmallows with Vanilla flavour in size 40g and 80g


Vanilla Marshmallows 40g


Vanilla Marshmallows 80g



2. Marshies Strawberry Marshmallows (Markenburg Brand)

Marshmallows with Strawberry flavour in size 40g and 80g


Strawberry Marshmallows 40g


Strawberry Marshmallows 80g

3. Marshies Choco-Vanilla Marshmallows (Markenburg Brand)

Marshmallows with Choco-Vanilla flavour in size 40g and 80g


Choco-Vanilla Marshmallows 40g              


Choco-Vanilla Marshmallows 80g

New Item!!! – 1 SKU


4. Marshies Vanilla Flower Marshmallows (Markenburg Brand)

 Marshmallows with Vanilla flavour in Flower shape in size 80g


Vanilla Flower Marshmallows 80g


5. Marshies Marshmallows Super size pack 150g    Fill your desire with Marshies marshmallows in super size 150g packaging. Each pack is carefully sealed to maintain its freshness and right sweetness. It offers a lot of savings and more choices for your various needs such as topping with your hot drinks, decoration for your bakery, and chocolate fondue. The 150g pack size is suitable for bakery industry, cafe, wholesale, and bakery business or even people who love baking at home.


Available 16 types of marshmallows for you to choose

5.1 Marshies Mini Mini  White Marshmallows size 150g

5.2 Marshies Mini White Marshmallows size 150g

5.3 Marshies Large White Marshmallows size 150g

5.4 Marshies Mini Mini Assorted Marshmallows size 150g

5.5 Marshies Mini Assorted Marshmallows size 150g

5.6 Marshies Large Assorted Marshmallows size 150g

5.7 Marshies Vanilla Flower Marshmallows size 150g

5.8 Marshies Mini Twist Marshmallows size 150g

5.9 Marshies Twist 35mm Marshmallows size 150g

5.10 Marshies Butterfly Marshmallows size 150g

5.11 Marshies Vanilla Marshmallows size 150g

5.12 Marshies Heart Strawberry Marshmallows size 150g

5.13 Marshies Heart Vanilla Marshmallows size 150g

5.14 Marshies Star Marshmallows size 150g

5.15 Marshies S’Mores Marshmallows size 150g

5.16 Marshies Pine Tree Marshmallows size 150g ***Available only October-December 


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