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Yamata, a snack with traditional Japanese style, originally produced to serve only consumers in Japanese market. Now with its owned quality, Yamata is available around the world mostly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Green Peas - our flavorful peas. This crunchy snack comes in three tempting flavor varieties; Original peas deliver a traditional Japanese taste, Garlic peas bring the unique taste and Sichuan peas deliver deliciously tingly and fiery flavors. Share Yamata Green Peas, a great snack to your friends. Enjoy with any meals, as a side dish or with drinks. 

Yamata (NET. 70g)

 Green Peas Original Flavor

Yamata (NET. 70g)

Green Peas Garlic Flavor

Yamata (NET. 70g)

Green Peas Sichuan Chilli Flavor


For the love of Broad Beans, try our delicious broad beans in two unique flavors.

Yamata (NET. 70g)

Broad Beans Crab Flavor

Yamata (NET. 70g)

Broad Beans Sichuan Chilli Flavor


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