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Nature’s Best chestnut

Wu Ling Mountain in Northern He Bei province is the National Nature Reserves, Known as “Natural Botanical Garden” The climate of “winter long and summer shot” makes the peach blooms at foothill while snow covers the mountain top. This unique environment gives advantages nurturing the chestnut to grow in big, golden color, great taste and high nutritional value. This is Nature’s Best chestnut


Unique feature of Nature’s Best Chestnut

- Naturally grow on Wu Ling mountain, He Bei, with   suitable temperature and abundant soil

Big golden chestnut

Sweet and high in nutritional value

Nature’s Best chestnut is tasty and healthy. You may have it between meals or create your chestnut recipe.


Bacon –Wrapped Chestnut



Chestnut Rice



Hen & Chestnut stew



Sweet Chestnut Soup



Chocolate  &  Chestnut fondant



Chestnut Brownie


Have it every days. Great for you and your family!


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