Santé has been established in Warsaw, Poland since 1994. As Santé has concerned about the health and safety of customers, by offering the highest quality of raw materials is the key to promote healthy lifestyle and become unique identity.

There are 3 major categories of delicious products.

  • Santé Crunchy Bar
  • Santé Crispbread
  • Santé for Breakfast


Santé Crunchy Bar – Muesli Bar

Santé Crunchy Bar is a rolled oats and wheat flakes-based cereal product with additional corn meal, coated by delightful creamy. Santé Crunchy Bar contain high carbohydrates delivering energy and dietary fiber for digestion.  

Cranberry & Raspberry with Vanilla coating

Plum with Vanilla Coating

Nut and Almond

Banana with Chocolate Coating


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