Selva pasta is manufactured from Amber Durum Wheat Semolina and pure water. Amber Durum Wheat is famous in worldwide with its yellow color and feeding values of high protein and Vitamin B. The pasta is produced under the international quality standard and its quality is approved by ITQI (International Taste & Quality Institute). It can be easily transformed into a specialty dish simply by changing the sauce and adding more exciting ingredients.


Long Pasta

Our beloved pasta shape, a great shape to complement a variety of sauces, can be best served in light or creamy sauces, easy to cook and enjoy what your favorite becomes.


Selva Spaghettini

(NET. 500g)

Selva Spaghetti

(NET. 500g)

Selva Linguine

(NET. 500g)


Short Pasta

Short shape can be topped with any sauces, baked, or put in soups, salads and stir-fry dishes.


Selva Fusilli

(NET. 500g)

Selva Penne Rigate

(NET. 500g)

Selva Elbow

(NET. 500g)




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