VISIONS : Visibly Superior Cookware – The Original See-through Cookware


VISIONS cookware is renowned for its amber-colored, transparent range of cook pots and saucepans. Similar to CORNINGWARE, it’s also made from glass ceramic material that is thermal shock resistant. Simply means that it will not break from sudden change in temperature!

The transparent features in VISIONS’ makes it easier to monitor what’s cooking and help to avoid messy overspill during heating/cooking. The risk of overcooking is also minimized, helping to obtain more nutritious and healthier meals for the entire family. VISIONS is extremely versatile – not only is it ideal for stovetop cooking, but it’s also safe to be used in the oven, microwaves, under the grill, in automatic dishwashers or serve as food storage in the refrigerator.  It therefore offers the convenience of meal preparation, cooking, serving and storing in one vessel.

Due to its excellent heat retention qualities, it is ideal for liquid based cooking such as soups and curries. In addition, it is economical on fuel as medium heat is recommended for optimal cooking results. 


Crystal Clear Cooking : Its unique transparent glass ceramic makes it easy to monitor. No more problem with messy overspill while cooking or tedious clean-up from evaporated soups. Due to its resistance against stains/odors absorption and build-up, you’re sure to enjoy better results and health benefits.

Extremely Durable : Totally revolutionary, it’s made of special materials that can withstand extreme heat conditions that would easily destroy ordinary saucepans. Even in extreme temperatures, it never goes out of shape.

Energy Saving : VISIONS retains heat like none other and this makes cooking so convenient and energy efficient. For best results, use low to medium heat.

Country of Origin : Made in USA and France.


2-Year Warranty – PYREX Glass
10-Year Warranty - VISIONS Cookware Base that breaks from hot or cold temperatures within ten years from date of purchase. 




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